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19 6 2017



The evening of the day before yesterday, the Presidential Huber Mansion in Tarabya, Istanbul ... President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his wife Emine Erdoğan have an iftar meal with a team of media owners, head editors, columnists and TV program producers...

Fasting was broken, evening prayer was made, tea was drunk. President Erdoğan took the stand. Towards the end of his speech in which the media’s the past and present was evaluated, Erdoğan conveyed one of his interviews he had on that day: “A citizen came to see me today. He bought a factory. He's getting ready to invest $ 3.5 billion. He asked to me, "Will you inaugurate our new factory?"  Of course, this question made me fly ...” He then shared his response to the investor in question: “What rains from the sky, the earth shall accept.” Erdogan recalled the 5 percent growth in the first quarter of this year and continued: “- We're experiencing a serious leap in the economy. There are signs that exports will exceed $ 155 billion this year. 2017 will be very different.” He pointed to 2023 goals: “- 155 billion dollars of export is not enough for us. Our 2023 targets are huge. We run and make people run for those goals.” At this point he gave the following message to the media: “- Keep your mood high, it will be with you. If you encourage, everyone will keep their shoulder on the wheel”. At the end of the speech, an announcement was made: “- Mr. President will say goodbye to you individually.” When it came to me, I asked the President: “Which company will invest $ 3.5 billion?” He said”- Before you, Sabah's author, Şelale Kadak, also pushed me too. It would not be suitable to disclose investor’s name to you for now Let's not announce it early, so don't get rough”. I promised him: “I will not write without their permission, sir.” President Erdogan participated the General Assembly of Turkey Exporters Assembly the day before the afternoon. As soon as I left the Huber Pavilion, I sounded some businessmen out who were present at the general assembly. I identified the investor Erdoğan mentioned:  It was Erdemoğlu Holding, which acquired the majority shares of Sasa Polyester from Sabancı Holding. At 23.30 I sent a message to Chairman of Erdemoğlu Holding İbrahim Erdemoğlu and listed my questions one after another. Erdemoğlu called me instead of replying with a message: “We are planning a big investment to produce PTA, MEG and Polymer as the main raw material used by Sasa Polyester. As you know, Sasa is a public company. Therefore, we made some statements to the Public Disclosure Platform regarding the investment.” I found the last statement they made to PDP on May 29, 2017 after I hanged up the phone: “We increase the size of the investment we plan to produce the main raw material of our company from 2 billion dollars to 3.6 billion dollars and the investment period from 6 years to 8 years.” World carpet giant Erdemoğlu Holding, even in a period where the large part of our country slows the pace by making investments amounted $ 3.6 billion investment and astonishing other. Is Erdoğan unjust by saying “this makes me fly”?

They make negotiations on 2.9 million square meters of investment land in Dörtyol

In the last statement of ERDEMOĞLU Holding on behalf of Sasa Polyester in the PDP, the following information came to my attention:  “We are in negotiations with the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Energy for the purchase, rental or allocation of 2.9 million square meters of land owned by TPAO in Hatay Dörtyol.

They acquired Sasa in 2015

Erdemoğlu Holding, known for its Merinos carpet in Gaziantep, purchased 51 percent of Sasa for 102 million dollars in early 2015. In May 2016, the rate of shares in the publicly traded company increased to 84.8 percent. Thus, the money invested by Erdemoğlu Holding to Sasa increased to 200 million dollars. İbrahim Erdemoğlu, who started an investment of $ 200 million to expand Sasa, aims to increase the company's turnover to $ 1 billion in 2019.


ERDEMOĞLU Holding prepares to benefit from Project Based State Incentives for the investment that Sasa Polyester plans to produce its raw material. The new investment is aimed at a significantly averting $ 1 billion of imports.

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