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01 1 2014

“I go coffeehouse and play okey game”

“I go coffeehouse and play okey game”

Did you know that the champion in the carpet industry is a Turkish company? Merinos carries this title by producing 40 million square meters of carpet in its 3 factories in Gaziantep and its factory in Russia. Turkey became the world base of the carpet by getting ahead of Belgium.  The world leader, Merinos, is by far the leader in the domestic market.  Merinos also has brands such as Dinarsu, Sultan, furniture and bed production. It has 6500 employees; its products are sold in 75 countries. Chairman of the board of the company is İbrahim Erdemoğlu.  Mr Ibrahim Erdemoğlu, while carrying his company to the top of the world, introduces himself as a person with responsibility, not a boss. He provides housing for his all staff who completes 5 years of service.  Erdemoğlu says, “I am a simple citizen as any one you can see on the street”.

I'm happy when I am with people.

I love coffeehouse culture. When I'm in Gaziantep, I go to the coffeehouse when I find a chance. I sit with my fellow countrymen and play mind-easing games like backgammon and okey. The important thing is having fun and passing the time of the day, I love the environment there, the conversation is good. I'm no different from any other person on the street. I'm neither superior to nor richer than anyone. That's how I raise my kids. They must be human first, everything is ephemeral.

I am a graduate of Physics

I am a graduate of Karadeniz Technical University, Department of Physics. I never thought about teaching Physics. Because 2 months after starting school, I started selling rugs in Trabzon. In the last year of the school, I was selling 80 percent of the rugs we produced in the Eastern Black Sea region from Trabzon. Physics was a difficult subject, so I was able to finish school with the endurance I showed last year. I learned industrialism in Gaziantep and being merchant in Trabzon.

I don't wake up before 9.

I love sleeping, I don't sleep when I am told to go to sleep, and I don't get up when I am told to get up. I don't sleep before 1:00-2:00 a.m. I don't get up before 9:00 in the morning. I can hardly get into the office early than 11. I love spending time at home, sitting, watching the latest news in the world economy on television. If there are any shows I like, I watch them. For example; I watch the Karadayı, Kurtlar Vadisi and sometimes the Arka Sokaklar.

There is no cuisine like Gaziantep cuisine

Gaziantep is a gastronomy in itself and I like it the best and I like fish. I prefer to eat at home. If I don't have a special guest or a meeting, I don't compromise on eating at home.

I never tired of watching Kemal Sunal

In cinema, I attach importance more about directors and screenwriters than actors. Because the actor plays every role, another actor can play that role in a movie you like. I never tired of watching Kemal Sunal I admire him so much.

Tatlıses is a very important artist     

I love Turkish Folk Music very much, especially I love soulful songs more. Of course, Ibrahim Tatlıses is a very special artist. I put him in a separate place, I hope he will recover as soon as possible and continue his art again.  I care about the Turkish folk song rather than who singing it, its content is important. Because all the Turkish Folk Songs have come from the events that have happened.

Antalya for holidays

Sometimes we go on vacation for 1 week once in 2-3 years.  I prefer a comfortable hotel by the sea in Antalya. I stay for a week. I’ll be back to the airport after a week. I never visit around. Since I don't speak a foreign language, I do not prefer abroad for holidays. I have to be comfortable where I'm going.

Book name: Boss is Naked - Demet Cengiz