Kitap adı: Patron Çıplak - Demet Cengiz

01 9 2013

Kitap adı: Patron Çıplak - Demet Cengiz

They are known with the brand Merinos Halı. When we first met, he was the owner of the third largest manufacturing company in the world and aimed to be the first. Over the years He has achieved this goal and has become the “First”. He is a boss who tells her that he comes from poverty and keeps his past in mind… He makes his employees  house-owners and donates millions of dollars to education.


- My father was a peddler. He used to sell towels, rugs and coverlets.  He used to take his load and sell those within 3 months in other cities.

- I was eight years old. He bought his first rug loom.  I was an apprentice in the shop, except for school.
- I started to sell rugs in the market while studying physics at Karadeniz Teknik University. Then I started to sell tradespeople. 
I learned industrialism in Gaziantep and being merchant in Trabzon. I started selling to all of Turkey when I finished the University.  Then Merino was born.


- I'm a late-riser man. I can never be early. I wake up around 9:00. I easily sleep and wake up.
- I'il be up for 30 minutes in the morning. I watch TV for about 30 minutes. Then I really wake up.
- I'il go to the office around 11:00.

- I'il be out in the evenings around 19.00-20.00. 

- I don't sleep before 1:00 a.m. I watch the news again before I go to sleep.


- I don't like meetings so much. It does not fit my personality.  I solve problems in one-to-one interviews. This is a more effective and faster method. 

- We didn't adopt collective thinking as a community. It is impossible to provide consensus, if someone put an idea into words, then everyone opposes. As the meeting group grows, everyone puts themselves in a different pattern. It turns into ego.

- I don't like formalism at all. No one can think freely in formal environments. If you sit comfortably, you will think comfortably and express comfortably.


- İn fact, we would better not to be into sports. I can't do sports much. I'm a little bit lazy.

- I know the benefits, but I don't. I walk very little. 

- But I'm in shape! I try to stay in shape like this. 

- If  I got weight, I step on brake to eating for a week.


- Local cuisine is the best.  

- Gaziantep cuisine always be my best cuisine.

- I dote on fish with the effect of Trabzon cuisine.  I like to eat bitter, spicy, meaty and sour foods.

- I only eat fruit in the morning and snack in the afternoon so that I can dine freely in the evening. I make barbecues, I make kebabs.


- If I'm going out for dinner, this must be a fish restaurant. Because we consume a lot of meat at home, we eat seafood outside. 

- I eat kebab rolls as street food. I don't pick a specific place. I go anywhere clean, delicious and nice.  I just care about the taste not the venue.

- In Antep, the best food is cooked in our house, I never dine outside.

- When I go abroad, I let people with me to choose the food.


- I am not enthusiastic, or brand addict about cars at all 

- I have a driver in Istanbul but I drive in Izmir and Gaziantep myself.

- Traffic in Istanbul is a real torture. It takes a lot of time. During this time, I need to pursue business. Therefore, the driver becomes a must.

- I don't have a culture to hoard cars.


- I'm not stable on vacation. Sometimes I go vacation1-2 times a year, sometimes once in 4 years.

- I just rest when I am on vacation. I rest my head in a peaceful place. This could be a holiday village, on the beach.

- My family keeps up with me.  They don't go on vacation without me. 

- They go to our mother in Gaziantep only during school holidays. I care about visiting my mom on religious holidays.


- I love Turkish folk music and folk songs. If I come across on TV, I watch Turkish folk music shows.
- I don't have a collection. I don't collect anything

- I don't know swimming. I don't go anywhere beyond my height.

- If I have time and opportunity, I stay alone. My biggest hobby is resting my head.