Good tidings of free housing for earthquake victims

04 3 2023

İhlas News Agency

Good tidings of free housing for earthquake victims

Carrying out analyses in the Besni district and villages of Adıyaman, İbrahim Erdemoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Erdemoğlu Holding, brought the good news that they will build one thousand houses that will be given as gifts to earthquake victims in the district. İbrahim Erdemoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Erdemoğlu Holding, visited Besni and its villages and made some scrutiny. During the visit, Erdemoğlu was accompanied by Mehmet Şeker from Erdemoğlu Holding; Mehmet Demirel, Besni District National Education Director; Melih Meriç, owner of Metropol Construction; and Hacı Arslan, Besni Merinos Small Industrial Zone President. İbrahim Erdemoğlu  started his first visit from the Tetirli neighborhood. Meeting with the citizens in the garden of Tetirli Primary School together with the village chief Vakıf Kılınç, İbrahim Erdemoğlu conveyed his wishes of getting well soon due to the earthquake and listened to the problems of the village people and took notes with great care.  Together with the accompanying delegation, İbrahim Erdemoğlu, who went to the town of Köseceli after his visit to Tetirli, was greeted by Mayor Kerim Durgut, the neighborhood chiefs, and the village folk. Wishing the people of the town to get well soon, İbrahim Erdemoğlu listened to the demands of the people with great care and painstakingly took his notes. İbrahim Erdemoğlu who subsequently went to Sarıyaprak village was welcomed by the village chief Kadir Dündar. İbrahim Erdemoğlu, who talked with the village people for a while, listened to the demands of the village people and conducted analyses at Sarıyaprak secondary school. İbrahim Erdemoğlu, who also visited the village of Karagüveç afterwards, was greeted by the chief Celal Hazar. Having noted the demands of the village people, İbrahim Erdemoğlu went from there to the village Kurugöl to conduct analyses. After carrying out evaluations with the chief Mehmet Kılınç and the villagers in Kurugöl, İbrahim Erdemoğlu went to Eskiköy from there and talked to the chief Şahin Altın and the people of the village and conveyed his get well soon wishes for the earthquake. İbrahim Erdemoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Erdemoğlu Holding, who went to the city center of Besni after completing his scrutiny in the villages, visited the container city area to be established in the Organized Industrial Zone and received information from the authorities. İbrahim Erdemoğlu continued his analyses by visiting the buildings that collapsed in the earthquake and experienced emotional moments. Finally coming to the Besni Government House with the delegation accompanying him, İbrahim Erdemoğlu visited Abdullah Ayaz, Çankırı governor and at the same time the coordinator governor; Çağlar Partal, Besni district governor; and Naif Yavuz, Bursa Gürsu district governor and coordinator district governor; and wished them get well soon. İsmail Sümer, Ak Party district head, also accompanied the visit at the government office.

 Making statements there, İbrahim Erdemoğlu said, "We saw that an earthquake is experienced on a very large scale and in a very wide area. As Erdemoğlu Holding and the Erdemoğlu family, we thought about how we could be more beneficial to our country and our citizens in this earthquake, in which a very large population was deeply affected, from the first moment of the earthquake. We provided donations and aids throughout the country by making our evaluations in a short time. We tried to provide even a little bit of a cure to the problems of our citizens." Expressing that they visited Besni to provide support, Erdemoğlu said, "Today, the only reason we came to Besni to visit is to wish get well soon to our fellow citizens of Besni. We also wanted to say personally that we are with them for whatever their material and moral needs are, until the end." Erdemoğlu added: "If you show us a suitable place, we will build 800-900 or even 1000 houses and deliver them to our fellow citizens free of charge. We want to build modern houses with parks, gardens, walking tracks, cinemas, recreation areas, and schools that will meet all the needs of our people, with the assurance of Erdemoğlu, as soon as possible. By starting to build the houses as soon as possible, we will ensure that Besni will be a more beautiful and inhabitable city than before the earthquake." Coordinator Governor Abdullah Ayaz stated that the assets and assistance of the Erdemoğlu family have been around since the first minutes of the earthquake and that the state and the nation will not forget the material and moral support provided. Extending his thanks for the visit, Governor Ayaz said that they will work hard for Besni to come back to its old days. İbrahim Erdemoğlu and the accompanying delegation scrutinized the alternative places contemplated for modern houses to be constructed by Erdemoğlu Holding. Hayati İşitmen, President of the Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, also accompanied the tour there. After the analyses, İbrahim Erdemoğlu and the accompanying delegation left Besni to start the construction process of modern houses as soon as possible.