Dünya Gazetesi

29 10 2018



Mehmet Erdemoğlu Faculty of Engineering and Architecture was opened.

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, which was established in memoriam of Mehmet Erdemoğlu, Honorary Chairman of Erdemoğlu Holding in Besni District of Adıyaman Province was inaugurated by Erdemoğlu Family, which makes many investments Turkey-wide, being Adıyaman and Gaziantep at the first place.

Members of Parliament Muhittin Taştan, Bayram Yılmazkaya, Abdurrahman Tutdere, Governor of Adıyaman Province Nurullah Naci Kalkancı, Rector of Adıyaman University Prof. Dr. Talha Gönüllü, İbrahim Erdemoğlu Chairman of Erdemoğlu Holding, Chairman of Merinos Ali Erdemoğlu and many more guests were present at the inauguration ceremony.

There are 4 amphitheater classrooms, 3 workshops, 4 studio work areas, 2 computer labs, four classrooms, administrative units as well as lsocial facilities such as library, meeting and seminar hall in Mehmet Erdemoğlu Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, which was established on an area of 625 acres.

Speaking at the ceremony, Erdemoğlu Holding Chairman İbrahim Erdemoğlu emphasized that they were proud to realize the dreams of their father, the late Mehmet Erdemoğlu, and said “Education is our first priority for the development of our country. In line with the orders of our father, late Mehmet Erdemoğlu, we have made and will make investments in education within the bounds of our possibilities. Thank God we are opening the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, which is our father's dream today. We will make every effort to improve our faculty that we open today. We will give our students internship opportunities in all companies; we will train them and Turkey will try to grow them up for the future of Turkey. Our biggest dream as a family is that our faculty will be Besni University in the future."

Rector of Adiyaman University Talha Gönüllü said that the faculty would not only be the cradle of the science but would also become a production center that contributed to Adiyaman. Adiyaman Governor Nurullah Naci Kalkancı emphasized that the Erdemoğlu family had established a primary school, and a high school and today, they opened a faculty, and added “the next step is to establish an university. Hopefully we will see the establishment of Besni University," After the inauguration ceremony and speeches the faculty building was visited.

Hürriyet Newspaper - Vahap Munyar