A Mosque and a School by the Erdemoğlu Family

05 10 2022

Analiz Gazette

A Mosque and a School by the Erdemoğlu Family

Two more monumental works have constructed by the Erdemoğlu Family were inaugurated. Merinos Mustafa Rabuş Mosque and Aysel Erdemoğlu Anatolian High School, whose construction was completed in Adıyaman Besni District, were opened with a ceremony.

Plaques were awarded to people and organizations who contributed to the construction of the Merinos Mustafa Rabuş Mosque, which was opened with prayers and sacrifices. Adıyaman Governor Muhmut Çuhadar thanked Ali Erdemoğlu, Chairman of Merinos Board of Directors, who contributed to the completion of the mosque. After the opening ceremony of the Merinos Mustafa Rabuş mosque, a ceremony was held for the opening of Aysel Erdemoğlu Anatolian High School, which was built in the name of the wife of Merinos Chairman Ali Erdemoğlu. At the opening of Aysel Erdemoğlu Anatolian High School, Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül, Adıyaman Governor Mahmut Çuhadar, Gaziantep and Adıyaman Deputies, Mayors, Erdemoğlu Holding Chairman İbrahim Erdemoğlu, Merinos Chairman Ali Erdemoğlu, Quick Insurance Chairman Mahmut Erdemoğlu, Aysel Erdemoğlu, Erdemoğlu family members and citizens were present.

Speaking at the ceremony, Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül said, "I attended the opening of many works, especially educational institutions, built by the Erdemoğlu family in Gaziantep. It is a chance for us that the Erdemoğlu family is in Gaziantep. May Allah be pleased with them. They did not turn down any request for charity work. I thank them,".

In his speech at Adıyaman Governor Mahmut Çuhadar, he said, "The Erdemoğlu family have produced countless works for our Adıyaman province and another Besni district. I thank them. I am glad to have you." Erdemoğlu Holding Chairman of the Board İbrahim Erdemoğlu stated that besides education and social investments, they have new projects, primarily Besni, and said: "We are making education investments in Adıyaman, Gaziantep and many provinces of Turkey, especially in Besni. We will open five more schools in the 100th anniversary of the establishment of our Republic. Our new projects for our district of Besni include establishing a Merinos forest. Work on this issue has reached the final stage and we will plant our saplings in the coming days. We want to create a greener Besni. In addition, we are trying to establish cooperatives in order to better evaluate the products of our district, which has a great importance in the field of agriculture.

We are ready to do everything in our power to make better use of the products of our farmers and working women. I wish best for this school that we have built in the name my aunt in law Aysel Erdemoğlu". After the opening of the school, the protocol and family members toured the school, shared the desks with the school students and attended the lesson. It was stated that Aysel Erdemoğlu Anatolian High School was established on an area of 11,800 square meters and was equipped with the latest technological tools.