150 million TL education investment in Trabzon

21 5 2022


May 21, 2022


150 million TL education investments in Trabzon from Erdemoğlu Holding

Erdemoğlu Holding is realizing the biggest educational support ever to be provided by the private sector for young people in Trabzon. Within the framework of an investment plan of over 150 million TL, the foundation of the Sports High School Complex in Akçaabat, Trabzon was laid.

Erdemoğlu Holding, which is the owner of world-class brands such as SASA in the field of petrochemicals, and Dinarsu and Merinos in the carpet industry, has taken the first step towards the biggest educational support to be provided by the private sector for young people in Trabzon to date. The foundation of the Sports High School Complex in Akçaabat, which will be donated to the Trabzon region within the framework of an investment plan of over 150 million TL, was laid with the participation of the state protocol. The facility will consist of a 4-storey high school with 16 classrooms, a 2-storey multi-purpose sports hall and a 5-storey student hostel for 144 people. With this last investment, the number of social responsibility projects undertaken by the Erdemoğlu Family in Turkey from schools to dormitories, from mosques to condolence houses will reach 36. He never forgot his sense of loyalty to the city. Erdemoğlu Holding Chairman of the Board Ibrahim Erdemoglu's investment in Trabzon also has an emotional and meaningful aspect. İbrahim Erdemoğlu, who is originally from Adıyaman Besni and has huge investments in Adana and Gaziantep, completed his university education in Physics at Karadeniz Technical University in Trabzon. He started his business life in Trabzon on the path drawn by his father Mehmet Erdemoglu. Afterwards, he always maintained his relations with Trabzon. He never lost his sense of loyalty to this city, which he saw as his hometown and where he spent his student years. Finally, he decided to give life his love for Trabzon with this huge charity project. Believing that this facility will also be a bridge to the brotherhood of Adıyaman-Gaziantep and Trabzon cities, İbrahim Erdemoğlu said the following about this investment: "As Erdemoğlu Holding, with all our companies, we are working hard to achieve the development goals of our country on the one hand, and on the other hand, we consider it our most important responsibility to contribute to the education of our youth, which we see as our future." "My dream is coming true" Erdemoğlu continued as follows; "Trabzon, where I spent my student years and gained my first trade experience, has always been of great value to me. I have never cut off my relationship. I have always wanted to leave a legacy for this beautiful city and its future generations in order to make this place in my heart permanent. That's why today has a special meaning for me.'


Huge investments are at the door

Erdemoğlu Holding, one of the important names shaping the world carpet industry with its brands such as Dinarsu and Merinos, is the owner of SASA, which is also one of the critical global players in the field of polyester and petrochemistry. Foreseeing 40 percent growth in 2022 in dollars, the Holding, with 16 thousand employees, closed 2021 with a turnover of 31 Billion TL. Finally, SASA submitted the highest bid in the tender held by the Privatization Administration for the land within the scope of the planned petrochemical investment in Adana Yumurtalık. Following the process, which is expected to be completed in a short time, the 1st phase works of the petrochemical investment of approximately 20 billion dollars will begin. It is known that world giants are also making attempts to participate in the project.